Mammafit: how to get back into shape after a pregnancy

Mammafit is an amateur association, recognized by the Coni, which aims to help and support mothers in the delicate moment of post-natal, for the entire period between 0 – 3 years of the baby. This association creates spaces, moments, occasions that are good for mothers, both body and spirit.

One of the most delicate aspects of postpartum is the recovery of physical fitness, because often, although the joy of having a child in her arms is indescribable, for a mother to feel comfortable in the new body is not easy. Even for fit mothers, recovering their “real” physical shape is not immediate. It takes time and patience. Mammafit makes this possible by allowing mothers to take care of themselves, without separating themselves from their babies. Because often finding someone to take care of the baby is not possible and can also create feelings of guilt in the new mother, who does not want to take away time from her baby.

Often new mothers are very demanding and severe with themselves, sometimes they are career women, used to being dynamic and operational. With pregnancy they discover new rhythms, new habits: they have to deal with a person, who depends on their care in everything and for everything. They may feel lonely and unsatisfied, even if they are living one of the best moments of their life!!!

Precisely for this reason it is important and necessary that they have opportunities to create synchronicity with other mothers and where they can recover self-esteem and lightness (sometimes not only in the broadest sense …).

Mammafit is born this way: from the awareness of all this and from the desire to do something new.

The association was born in 2010, from the idea of two professional fitness instructors, friends, become mothers.

They had an original idea, that is not to separate the mother and her child during physical activity and have created spaces for meeting fun and confrontation between mothers.

Today they have a website: ; a blog Mammafit Blog, where you can find interesting and useful tips, videos and especially under courses you can find dates and places throughout Italy where Mammafit courses are active. The courses are managed by qualified Mammafit personnel.

In the site there is also a nice gift idea: it is possible to buy a MammaFit course for a friend! Finally, under Village you can find the appointments for the holidays dedicated to the well-being of mother and child!

A few weeks ago in Varese, in the splendid Council Chamber of the Estensi Gardens, Mammafit co-founder Monica Taranto held a precious seminar on maternal abdominals.

She has been a splendid mother fitness instructor for 20 years, an expert in musical fitness, hypopressive gymnastics, and is also a yoga teacher and trainer. In addition to her enviable physical form, Monica has a great empathic ability, thanks to her pleasant conduct the seminar was an excellent opportunity for comparison between mothers. Many babies were present, as well as a foreign mother, so the seminar was completely translated into English. As a gift we received the links of some videos for a training of the maternal abdominals,

Monica gave us various ideas and suggestions, here are the three most significant:

  • After a pregnancy, the woman needs to rehabilitate her pelvic floor. You should ask your gynaecologist or a trusted midwife or osteopath for help. Taking care of your pelvic floor is essential to prevent annoying stress incontinence disorders that can easily degenerate. But not only that, there are many other reasons, just think that the muscles of the pelvic floor guard life from the very first moments.
  • The possible presence of abdominal diastase is one of the reasons why brunches are not the best exercises to perform to recover abdominal tone after a pregnancy; there are many other exercises that mothers can do to get back to having a nice belly;
  • Feeling fit and being able to take care of ourselves is a great way to be a good mom! Women take care of you, body and soul, your children will have great benefit!

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