Pregnancy: drinking is the first rule against heat

Drinking water is the first rule to hydrate during pregnancy. But flavoured teas, vegetables at the table and fruit for a snack can also help. Summer and holidays encourage outdoor walks and afternoons, but they also increase the loss of water and mineral salts and the risk of low blood pressure and fainting.

The most suitable water

The best water in pregnancy is low sodium, to promote diuresis and combat water retention, which often affects expectant mothers. This should be alternated with water with medium mineralization, with a good intake of minerals, to ensure the mother and child the nutrients useful for health.

How many to drink

Ideal during pregnancy are 2 liters per day, divided between water, herbal teas, unsweetened teas, fruit juices and smoothies stretched with water, centrifuged, fruits and vegetables whole or in pieces. Excellent mixes of squeezed citrus fruits, fresh tea enriched with mint leaves, slices of lemon, a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves or ginger, essences useful against nausea. It is better to avoid, however, industrial drinks and carbonated drinks: they contain additives, colorants and a large amount of sugar.

Always during the day

You don’t have to wait to be thirsty: you have to drink all day long. The water must be natural mineral, at room temperature: it helps to fight constipation, promoting intestinal transit and avoiding the risk of congestion.

Fruits and vegetables

The diet that promotes hydration during pregnancy includes: 5 portions per day of vegetables, foods rich in fiber and protein, complex sugars such as bread, pasta and rice. An idea? Wholemeal pasta, even in the cold version, accompanied by lots of vegetables. Prefer fish over meat: it is more digestible, especially if boiled or grilled.

Even after childbirth

These habits should be maintained even after childbirth, to promote milk production. In fact, it is a good idea to increase the intake of water by between 2.5 and 3 litres per day.

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